Fasdan and his band, after drifting for months following the Battle of the Broken, were hired by a local lord to hunt down a creature causing havoc in the region.
After days of expedition in the mountains, Fasdan eventually met the creature. A dragon. There was no real clue as to what the beast was,but the lord never mentioned a flying creature.
The men's first reaction was to ready their weapons, but the beast did not seem to have any intention of hurting them. On the contrary, he sat on a rock, looking at Fasdan.
The dragon and the men were facing each other for a long time, before Fasdan sheathed his sword and ordered his men to lower their weapons.
Something in the dragon's gaze told Fasdan that he was in front of something, or someone, old and tired. Fasdan was not sure he would be able to eventually hunt down the dragon, but the truth was, there was no honor in killing this creature.
The men started stepping back, and turned away from where they came. After a moment, they heard a scream echoing through the valley, and saw a silhouette hover high in the sky.
The lord who hired Fasdan and his men would probably not be happy about this, but after this encounter, Fasdan knew that he would rather fight ill-intentioned men or creature, rather then kill for the sake of ill-intentioned men.
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